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Monday, 26 April 2010

Muzium Padi in Kedah Darul Aman

Muzium Padi in Kedah Darul Aman display type of paddy in Malaysia and history instead paddy

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Monday, 5 October 2009

Malaya University

Located in Lembah Pantai, University oldest in Malaysia.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Myth Burnt Rice Story Langkawi

Beras Terbakar, Kg Padang Mat Sirat, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.

A celebrated Langkawi Island historical story was story "Burnt Rice". Which place dikata the burnt rice was in Kampong King, Mukim Padang Matsirat. Wide section of the site which found the burnt rice is approximately thirty sq ft. In which found embedded in soil more three feet. When the rice heavy rain arise.
Follow old folks tales, Pemerintahan Langkawi Island 200 years first reach century nineteen located in Kampong King aforesaid. This can be proved that is one of District Officer, Langkawi Island, have died 80 years first was buried in this village and the grave be Reverted to the burnt rice story, a few months after Mahsuri 's murder with Datuk Seri 's order Kerma Jaya, grandfather who rules Langkawi at that time, this island is was attacked superbly its by Siamese persons.
Terrible battle place and where Datuk Seri Kerma Jaya and his strong commander commander perished was in Selat Berhala Balik namely access road channel to Pelabuhan Kuah now. Before battle aforesaid that happen, Datuk Kerma Jaya feels Langkawi Island will be defeated , hence it provides law to people its people all together reserve rice should in plant so that no miss to enemy hands.
Datuk 's defeat Kerma Jaya to sustain Langkawi Island, follow people's belief at that time and until today even, is by because Mahsuri 's curse sound "With because tyranny dropped upon its, Langkawi Island will not be peaceful and prosperous until seven birth". One of the curse evidence was burnt reserve rice The burnt rice until today used by some people as antidote for scarecrow high fever and stomach pain typhoid and medicine.

Destination this week

Tanah Merah is wrong a dependency under Kelantan state. Located in strategic area because is route to Grik and can also be becoming alternative route to the Gua Musang for population from state coastal parts Kelantan such as Kota Bharu, Tumpat etc.Tanah Merah town actively growing with supermarket rapid development, bagunan administration, row of shops and banks and variety again. Latest Bank Rakyat embarks on his operation in this town make quicker to continue to develop.

Besar market Tanah Merah which became occupation pinnacle this country from once until now still get society focused. Fish's requirement and fresh vegetable still become choice.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

By SOO EWE JIN YOU’VE got to hand it to Alain Robert Philippe, the Spiderman from France, who finally conquered the Petronas Twin Towers last Tuesday, after two failed attempts in 1997 and 2007. A RM2,000 fine is peanuts compared with the global publicity he generated for himself, Petronas, and also Malaysia. He did not wave a French flag when he reached the pinnacle of one of the 88-storey towers, but the Jalur Gemilang. Which is rather apt since he accomplished his mission the day after Merdeka Day. Considering the slew of negative publicity we have been getting on the world media of late, we should thank Spidey for his exploit and wish him all the best as he heads to Dubai to conquer another building. In a global world, there is no such thing as localised news. Just Google “Kampung Buah Pala” or “Shah Alam” and you will see how far the news has travelled with regard to the happenings there. Such is the power of the Internet that we are instantly aware of both the good and bad things happening in our backyard and beyond. The downside is that we are overwhelmed by information overload. Some days, we get a stream of negative news and views to the point that we allow the occasional positive message to slip by us. An issue that really hit home recently was about the Penans in the interior of Sarawak facing a food crisis. After the news went from print to cyberspace, the response was instantaneous. It may not be possible for everyone to undertake the dangerous and painstaking four-day journey across steep mountain roads and deep valleys to get essential food to the hungry Penans living in the heartland of Kapit division.
But as the band of rugged and kind-hearted volunteers do their part, they must be encouraged that people from all over Malaysia and around the region, upon reading about the plight, were able to respond immediately. Individuals and companies nearby provided in kind while those further away were able to send money to the bank account of the coordinator so that the food items could be bought in Sarawak itself. It is testimony to the people’s generosity that the church coordinating the mission had utilised only 20% of the donations so far. The Lusong Laku Penan chief Jati Jarang said he and his people were grateful to God and to the people of Malaysia for answering their appeals for help. Now, that’s the real power of the Internet. Deputy executive editor Soo Ewe Jin believes technology is neutral and that we should strive to use it for the good rather than for sinister purposes.
070909. The Star